Bay Window Shutters

Square bay, curved bay or three sided bay –windows that lend themselves perfectly to the design attributes of our bespoke hardwood shutters.

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Maximum light flow perfectly controlled to maintain clean and crisp lines

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First and foremost, bay window shutters are designed to maximise light flow entering the rooms from all angles during the day. Bringing elegance and proportion they dress windows precisely to complement the period from which your home was built.

Typically, this could be 3-sided Victorian bay, an Edwardian square bay or even the curved bay windows associated with homes from the 1930’s to the 50’s. As popular window designs they are now so often a feature nowadays within ‘new build’ homes which regularly feature the same styles.

Externally, bay window shutters are every bit as beautiful, accentuating the angles and smartening the exterior of your home.

Offering privacy from passers-by, while giving homeowners complete flexibility with light control, they are every bit as practical as they are stylish. They add an extra layer of insulation against draughty sash windows, are easy to maintain, and contribute to noise reduction – making them very suitable for modern living.