Shutters in Cornwall

Every once in a while a shutter project comes along that gives us the chance to really stretch ourselves on the design front and this property on a peninsula overlooking the Atlantic ocean is a grand example. The house is a new build and since there is a big push by the contractors to get everything finished by the deadline, we had to work under some unusual circumstance to get the job done.  The photos are of the work in progressNot only did we conduct the survey and measure before the walls were plasterd (most unusual), when we did the installtion, we were also surrounded by a whole load of other trades… flooring guys, painters, electricians, plumbers, builders all trying to get their own bit completed. An arduous installtion conducted with howling winds outside and clouds of dust inside  was  a great succes

The shutters specified were principally in Alabaster colour using 89mm slats in elm hardwood with concealked push rods. The cinema room used the same specification in ‘Wenge’ colour.